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Fees & Policies

 Lessons are 1 hour in length with specific start & stop times; please arrive on time & ready to ride.  Payment is due at the time of service, prior to the start of the lesson, and is nonrefundable.

There is a $45.00 fee for returned checks and $50 fee for late payments.  We encourage students to use our secure online shopping cart for timely lesson payments.  Lessons are available as "Pay as you go" or save $ with a Prepaid 10 Lesson Card.


 Private= 1 Student/1 horse in arena at one time.


·      Private Lesson "Pay by the lesson": $75.00 per hour. 

·      Private 10 Lesson Prepaid Card:  $720.00 (you save $30.00!)


Semi-private= up to 4 Students/4 horses in arena at one time.


·     Semi-private lesson "Pay by the lesson": $55.00 per hour.

·     Semi-private 10 Lesson Prepaid Card:  $520.00 (you save $30.00!)


Scheduling lessons:  Lesson registration is FREE.  Students are scheduled upon registration receipt. Students with Prepaid Lesson Cards receive priority scheduling.  Pay by the lesson students are scheduled on a week-to-week basis with varying days.  Due to weather or unforeseen circumstances lessons may be rescheduled by the instructor.  Lessons that end early due to severe weather are not refunded / rescheduled.

Use of Prepaid Cards:  Students who purchase a prepaid card are responsible to have it with them for every lesson.  Students who arrive without their card are responsible for immediate payment of lesson fees for that day.  Payment shall be made via credit card with the instructor or online prior to the start of the lesson.  Instructors do not keep track of a student's remaining lessons on a card, and do not carry cash.  Kindly remember payment is due at the time of service.

Late arrivals:  Semi-Private students (that have not passed a CHA level 1 test) who are late 10 minutes or more; will not ride in the lesson.  It is unfair for the instructor to delay other students in the lesson to attend to the needs of a late student.  Students who arrive late will audit (watch) the lesson.  If the Student has passed CHA level 1 written and practical tests; the instructor may permit them to prepare the horse independently and enter the lesson.  The lesson hour will not be extended.        

Student Cancellations:  Lessons must be cancelled by phone to your instructor at least 3 hours prior to the lesson start time.  Call and leave a message.  Students who "no call - no show" forfeit the lesson and fee.  Students who fail to give proper notice are required to pay in advance by credit card for their next lesson.  Time for make-up lessons is limited; please make every effort not to miss lessons.   

Make-up lessons:  The Happy Horse will provide students with 2 potential make-up lesson days/times to choose from to complete their missed lesson.  It is the student's responsibility to attend the lesson on one of those dates.      

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