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 Students will need:

  • ASTM/SEI Certified Equestrian Helmet

  • Students under 18yrs are REQUIRED to wear an impact vest while jumping.

  • Riding Boots with a 1" heel.  Western or English paddock / tall boot, riding gloves (well fitting) with a "grip" surface on the palm & fingers

  • Schooling tights or breeches, half chaps with paddock boot or tall boots for English riders, schooling style riding shirt (tucked in) for both English & western. Jeans worn for western riding should be stretch and at least 2" longer in the leg than the student's usual length to prevent bunching up.   No tank tops or spaghetti straps.  Jeans should not be "tight" as it prevents proper range of motion and creates difficulty for the rider to safely perform certain movements.

  • Long hair is always pulled back- short hair is tucked under the helmet away from eyes.

Other suggestions include:

  • It is highly recommended ALL students (who are jumping) wear an impact vest.  

  • Do not wear jeans that sit below the waist. (Mrs. Hicken will send you home if your underwear can be seen).  Dress appropriately.

  • Use sun block and avoid perfume that smells like fruit or flowers (bees) 

  • Riding strenuous exercise- be good to yourself!  Drink plenty of fluids and have a light meal / snack before lesson time.

  • Leave your cell phone in your car, bag, or grooming box.  For safety reasons; students may not bring them into the lesson.

  • Check our social media for cancellations before heading out to your lesson.  If severe weather is forecasted and lessons must be cancelled, we will post.  Feel free to call or text your instructor if you're unsure what to do.

  • Other items such as crops and spurs are only used at the Instructor's discretion and will be provided if the need arises. Frequent use will require the student to purchase their own if the Instructor advises to do so.

Recommended reading for Parents:

"The Horse Show Mom's Survival Guide" by Susan S. Daniels

"On the Fence: A Parent's Handbook of Horseback Riding" by Janet Barrett

"A Parent's Guide to the Interscholastic Equestrian Association" by Amanda Garner  

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